David S.

"We used Enduris' Endeck (olivewood color) to complete a deck expansion. This is BY FAR the best product on the market!! Working with the company has been a breeze and the customer service rep Kristie has been extremely helpful."

Steve Vibber – Vibber Vinyl, FL

“Enduris has created a very nice product in their Endwood high performance capped cellular PVC fencing.  My brother and I have been in the vinyl fence business for over 20 years and found Endwood superior to work with from pallet to ground.  Minimal clean up with this product.  Durable for accenting stone entry ways.  Assembling and installation went  smoothly.  Rolling terrain was not a problem for either the shadowbox or the rail fence during the many miles of  installation.  The end result is very attractive both in a country or residential setting.  We would recommend this product not only for it’s ease to work with but it’s beautiful finish and easy maintenance.”

The 3 questions you should be asking about fencing but aren’t.

How long will this type of fence last?

People often neglect to ask this basic question. If you have to replace your fence every 5 years, it isn’t much of a bargain. Also, a worn, faded, and deteriorating fence is not likely to garner referral business. Endwood capped cellular PVC fence components are engineered to outperform other fence materials and designed to last indefinitely.  Impervious to water damage, bug infestation, and deterioration from the weather, Endwood fencing is the perfect choice for residential and commercial projects when referral business and reputation are critical.

What type of maintenance is required to keep the fence looking nice?

While homeowners dread the annual maintenance of sanding, painting or staining their wood fence, the Endwood fence is hassle free requiring little to no maintenance. Sprinklers won’t stain it, grass debris and mud can be easily sprayed off with a garden hose, and the colors are fade resistant without ever needing to apply paint, sand, or stain. The beauty of Endwood endures leaving a lasting impression.

Will Homeowner Associations accept the fence material and styles?

Homeowner Associations (HOA) have set standards for the purpose of maintaining curb appeal and property values. Outdoor structures such as fencing can either add or detract from the beauty of each property and the residential area as a whole. This is why HOA’s love Endwood. The natural wood like appearance and rich colors easily blend into the surroundings and will compliment almost any home and add a sense of elegance and style to the neighborhood.

Remodeling and Home Design

Why Enduris Professional Products?

The grass is greener on the Enduris side of the fence. Enduris has a wide selection of innovative PVC fence products — everything needed to provide a beautiful home accent and yard enclosure for your customers.

Since 1998, Enduris has been manufacturing high quality PVC fence styles as a trusted source for busy professionals. We understand the struggles professionals face and have an experienced staff who are industry experts and here to help your business succeed.

Stand above the competition with quality Enduris PVC fencing you can count on. You never have to worry about mystery materials in our products as we use only pure raw materials made right here in the USA.

You get peace of mind when carrying the Enduris line of fence and can rest assured that your customers will be happy that you did. PVC style fences have enjoyed booming demand over the last decade as more and more homeowners have discovered just how great maintenance free living can be and switched over to PVC as an alternative to wood or composite. In addition, home owner associations across the US have accepted our quality PVC fence styles.

Enduris offers a variety of fence styles and materials, many styles stocked on site, to help your projects flow smoothly. Our PVC fence styles are engineered to last with ultra-low maintenance and simple installation. The ease and friendliness of working with our PVC and capped cellular PVC products will make you wonder why you didn’t switch over years ago. All of our fence products are unique packaged to be free of dirt and debris, easily handled and cut, and will satisfy even the pickiest of homeowners with the enduring and rugged styles and most popular requested colors.

Samantha – Homeowner

“We recently had a gorgeous Endwood fence installed in our yard…As soon as our fence was installed our Home Owners Association and neighbors were asking where to obtain information about it. It feels good to be the envy of the neighborhood.”

Dan at National Forest

"Enduris’ 100% PVC deck brought a whole new dimension to National Forest Products' Deck Dynasty. Inherent quality combined with their unprecedented service and sales support has filled the gap for our customers who are looking for the best when it comes to alternative decking."

Heather in Deltona FL

“I am ecstatic with my new Endwood fence. I replaced my 5 year old wood fence which looked horrible and was able to use my old posts for my new fence. It really looks so much like wood and feels great to know I don’t have to paint or worry about this fence.”