Penn Fence

“After adding Endeck to our decking line, it was easy to see we had a product that was going to do well. Out customers love it and the installers enjoy working with it. A win for the customers, a win for our deck crews, and a win for us teaming with Enduris.”

Lancaster Docks

“I personally want to thank Endeck and their staff for making my job so much easier. The product simply sales itself. We have been using this product for many years and the long lasting beauty makes my work look spectacular.”

Summertime Docks and Decks

“We have used EnDeck decking on a variety of projects, each time leaving the homeowner with a huge grin on their face.  The product not only makes my job as the installing contractor easier, but it allows me to sleep easy knowing that I don’t have to worry about complaints from disgruntled homeowners.”

ABC Supply Panama City

“It is great to have a product like Endeck to bring to my customers. I know with this product I can be sure and confident that my contractor will not have issues or failures down the road.”

NE Development and Construction TX

“We are very pleased with the ease of installation and flexibility the Endwood Fence provided in allowing our installers to easily adapt to curves, sloping and changes in elevation from one unit to the next…We are extremely happy we chose to go with Endwood Fence.”

NE Development and Construction TX

“Endwood’s innovation in color retention, stain resistance and durability appealed to us as we compared it to different products such as composite or vinyl fence options.  We are extremely pleased with Endwood.”