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Environmentally Responsible
Did you know Enduris PVC is green? Not only does using PVC help to preserve our forests and trees, it is also recyclable. PVC is a green alternative to wood that is both durable and beautiful.
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Environmentally Responsible

Why Enduris?

The products speak for themselves, but we've gone above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, installers, distributors and partners.

Enduris has been manufacturing and distributing professional quality PVC fence, deck, and railing products since 1998 right here in the USA.

Supplying the tools for your ideal design

We have a steadfast dedication to our customers and realize that reliable service you can count on and a dependable, attractive product is the basis for true longtime customer satisfaction.

We have chosen top quality, professional PVC products in popular designs and colors based on time-honored favorites paired with consumer demand and homeowner trends. Our PVC Deck, Fence, and Railing endure the elements of time and enhance landscapes across the country from homes, apartments, and businesses to grand estates.

It's All in the Making - A Process Designed for Quality

Whether it's a classic deck, a modern fence, or hefty railing, Endurls offers a two-layer process that is guaranteed to provide you with a stunning visual statement and long lasting durability you can rely on. To ensure perfection, the outer layer optimizes aesthetics, while the internal layer is built for strength and unmatched endurance.

Begin ridding yourself of common outdoor problems and start enjoying your backyard:

  • Clean-up consists of a simple process using mild detergent and water
  • Resists mold and mildew! Vinyl is made of non-organic materials that prevent mildew
  • No filling, sanding, or painting, EVER!
  • Smooth PVC assures you will never have to worry about splinters, warping, or weathering
  • 3rd Party certification offers additional reassurance of quality and performance

Good lookin' and guilt-free!

PVC Vinyl is even environmentally safe and does not promote combustion! Reduce your footprint with rare, non-toxic materials and experience gorgeous long lasting results. While our fence, deck, and railing products may outlast your home, in the event they are replaced, 100% of the product is recyclable, at any point in time. How is that for a guilt-free experience?

Sales & Customer Service At Your Service

Our sales team is knowledgeable — they’ve been there, behind the scenes, helping to design a better fence, deck and rail, testing and installing our products. They have years of experience in our industry. And our customer service is top-notch. They’ll bend over backwards to get you what you need, when you need it. Our team members take pride in everything they do, and it shows in our quality, workmanship and excellent customer service.

Remodeling and Home Design

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